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Vital Statistics of the Sunseeker Hawk 34

Manufacturer / Model:
Sunseeker Hawk 34
Sunseeker Length:
This Sunseeker Hawk 34 is 34 feet (approx. 10.36 metres)
£115,000 (approx. €144,800 or $166,401)
This Sunseeker Hawk 34 is Sold
Tax Paid
Twin Diesel
Type of Boat:
Power Boat
Manufactured In:
Hull Material:
Lying In:
London, UK
LWL 8.65 metres (approx. 28.38 feet)
Beam 3.11 metres (approx. 10.2 feet)
Draft 1.15 metres (approx. 3.77 feet)
Tank Capacities:
Fuel 700 litres (approx. 184.9 gallons)
Water 68 litres (approx. 18 gallons) ID:

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Short Description of the Sunseeker Hawk 34

34' Sunseeker Hawk 34 for sale, lying in London, UK. As featured in the 19th James Bond movie "The world is not enough" the astonishing Hawk 34 is a powerful, low-weight craft that has only been made possible through the use of advanced materials and specialist construction techniques. With classic Sunseeker lines, the Hawk 34 is compact and sporty, built for speed, but also ideal for weekends away or days out as she has all the comforts needed in her practical galley, comfortable saloon and separate double berth.

Engines & Propulsion

2 x Volvo KAD 43 Hours: 110

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General Equipment

Adjustable steering wheel
Bow Thruster 2.7hp
Compass swinging and adjustment
Upgraded system to Raytheon RL70RC
Teak Cockpit
Teak Bathing Platform
VDO rudder reference gauge
Cockpit lighting
Teak Stair Treads
Hydraulic Steering
Shipping Cover
Additional Double Socket installed . Contact the seller of this Sunseeker Hawk 34 for more details.

Owner's Comments of the Sunseeker Hawk 34

This particular vessel has been kept in beautiful condition and winterised out of season. With just over 100 hours on the clocks this vessel should definately be considered by anyone searching for one of the best Sunseeker's ever built. The 34 Hawk is fast, agile and extremely comfortable and perfect for weekend getaways or day cruising.

4% brokerage fee, free to list


Sunseeker Information

The spirit of sunseeker is the pursuit of excellence, matched with the courage to constantly break new barriers.

Few brands can confidently claim to rank amongst the world's finest. Sunseeker is one of them. A brand with enormous global strength, part of its success lies in the commitment to constantly set new standards and benchmarks. A belief in the power of innovation, in the tireless pursuit of excellence, means never settling for second best.

It's this spirit of excellence that has driven Sunseeker to its pre-eminent position in the marine market - a spirit of adventure that began more than forty years ago. Since then, the range has expanded, with each new addition adding something rather special to a highly competitive market.

Today, the extensive dealer network spans the globe, bringing world-class service to a world-class brand - a brand driven by the pursuit of perfection, and one that is appreciated by individuals who share the same dream.

Sunseeker History

Sunseeker International Yachts, formerly known as Poole Powerboats, is a British boat building company based in Poole, England. Boats were built under the Poole Powerboats name from the late 1960’s. The change to the Sunseeker name was made in the 1980’s, although the first boat to carry the name Sunseeker was built in the mid-1970’s. The change in name to Sunseeker ushered in new power boat, motor yacht and super yacht hulls as Sunseeker developed their business from 17-foot sports boats through to the latest 37M Sunseeker superyacht currently in production. Sunseeker’s name has always been associated with aesthetically over-the-top designs that instantly ignited interest internationally from motor yacht and power boat customers.

Today, Sunseeker yachts are built on hulls that have evolved from race boat technology, while utilizing the latest in composite materials and construction techniques. This innovative approach in build and design has resulted in Sunseeker being awarded two International Superyacht Design Awards and multiple-time winners of the United Kingdom Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. A large majority of Sunseeker’s production is exported. There are several models in the Sunseeker fleet, ranging from a 140-foot long yacht down to a 34-foot long high performance yacht.

Sunseeker employs over 2500 people to design, build, supply parts and distribute their motor yachts, each highly experienced in their respective fields. Their undiluted enthusiasm for the boats matched with creativity and ingenuity are the embodiment of Sunseeker's 'Undiluted Spirit' slogan.

Originally importers and distributors of boats from Scandinavia and the USA, Poole Power Boats started moulding and fitting out their own boats in the early 1970s. One day, when exhibiting their first 17 and 23 footers at a Boat Show, a man who was a boat dealer in the south of France commented, “if you can make them all in white, and put a full width sunbed across the stern, I’ll buy them”. The fact that they did so, and that the boats sold well exemplified a set of attitudes that has characterised Sunseeker to this day: listen to what customers want and give it to them; don’t be afraid to try something totally new; always explore new markets.

Through their close ties with world famous designer Don Shead, Sunseeker entrance into the mainstream market in the 1970’s was established through the Sunseeker Sportsman 17 and the Sunseeker Hostess 17, the first motor yacht models. In 1972, Sunseeker became one of the first exhibitors at the London International Boat Show.

Few manufacturers have pioneered as many drive and propulsion systems in leisure craft. The early Offshore 28 was a revolutionary craft, the first in Europe with a lightweight hull specifically designed to carry stern-drive diesel engines powering twin outdrives.

Duoprops, where two propellers rotate in opposing directions for improved efficiency, were first seen on the subsequent Offshore 31.

A few years later the Superhawk 50 became the first production boat to have stern-driven race-bred Arneson surface drives, with five-bladed surface-piercing propellers carried on extended shafts. Twin 680hp V8 MAN units, half the weight of the conventional equivalents, gave speeds of up to 50 knots with surprising acceleration for a craft of 14 tons, with noise levels kept low by venting the engine exhaust behind the propeller, which also created slip - so usefully reducing drag.

Two years later, the Comanche 40 was the first family-size cruiser to offer an integral garage for the tenders and toys that are today expected as standard in the modern motoryacht.

In the early nineties Renegade 60 pushed new frontiers; it was the first production boat to be powered by water jets - expelling 32,000 gallons every minute at full throttle.

But above all, over the years the Sunseeker range has epitomised the ability to surprise the public and boat owners, and perhaps demoralise the competition. Just when you might have thought that no Sunseeker could ever match or exceed the latest model for speed, grace, style, space, flexibility or luxury - the next one did! That “wow!” factor, and the magician-like ability to provoke it, matched with a reputation for build quality is what has turned the brand into the icon it is today.

Nowhere has this been evidenced more strongly than in boat size. To evolve from the first 17 foot dayboat to the imminent 46 Metre Yacht (a near 10-fold increase in length, but over 300 times greater in displacement) in only 4 decades just could not have happened without constant change, evolution and up-scaling in every single part of the organisation, from technology to shipyards, from delivery vehicles to a world-wide network of distributors – many in countries that had far from “emerged” as markets 40 years ago.

The challenges and milestones of scale have been at times momentous. We have talked of evolution and change over time, but some of the developments have been giant leaps. In the late nineties the show-stopping jaw-dropper came in the form of the Predator 80 whose previous largest predecessor was the Predator 63. To break the 80 foot barrier was a bold move indeed, and no small challenge.

In the mid-nineties the perception of large boats was generally one of reduced performance, offering vast accommodation, but requiring a permanent crew. Sunseeker set out to change that attitude with the design of the Predator 80 - an open-deck performance motoryacht that was also available as a hard-top option. She benefited from a full programme of stress analysis, resulting in a soft-riding hull that was a fine example of modern materials technology, with super-efficient hydrodynamics allowing her 50 tons to reach speeds in excess of 46 knots. The Predator 80 set a new benchmark for luxury boating, with a perfect combination of accommodation, performance, range and handling.

Not only could the Predator 80 be effectively handled by two people, she was also an extremely comfortable boat, with an ingenious and flexible standard interior layout. Particular attention was paid to suppressing noise and vibration, with the whole interior located on resilient mounts. And she featured the most sumptuous interior design yet seen on a Sunseeker, creating a feeling of opulence that once again set new standards in production boats. As a semi-custom yacht, customers were also encouraged to choose from numerous different layout options to design an interior that suited their needs and tastes.

Why choose from the Sunseeker range?

Sunseeker owners expect and demand the best in craftsmanship. sunseeker’s mission has always been to meet and exceed their expectations. Sunseeker motoryachts are renowned as much for their levels of luxury as for their legendary flair and performance. But the essence of craftsmanship in the modern technological world goes beyond the working of the artisan’s hands and the accuracy of his eye. The naval architect can be a craftsman with his computer to produce imaginative and original designs and specifications based on innovative new materials; similarly the interior designer with his sourcing of new textures, fittings and furnishings. And of course the artisans themselves, who form and polish the woods, metals, glass and composites that produce the stunning work of art that is a Sunseeker.

Sunseeker have craftsmen in every department, men and women who, over decades of pioneering and innovation, have taken great pride in their work and the reputation that it has gained all over the world. This has been no accident; Sunseeker’s commitment to excellence of product has always been mirrored by its policy of attracting and recruiting the most talented marine staff at all levels. You probably could build a boat without the traditional principles and standards of craftsmanship – but it wouldn’t be a Sunseeker.

Hand built
In an age of automated production and assembly, sunseeker’s commitment to creating a hand built product is easily understood.

The reason is, there isn’t a better way. Modern computer aided design and construction techniques can manufacture precision components and streamline production, but the immaculate detail and finish of a Sunseeker motoryacht, inside and out, can only be achieved by skill and dedication. This human factor, and its influence on the finished product cannot be replicated by a machine, which might be able to sand and polish a given number of times, but will never be able to tell when the end result is right. The fact that the end result is right on a Sunseeker is as much thanks to the people who built it as to the technology that first mapped it out.

Nor can a machine pay close attention to detail; it takes a person to do that. A person who takes a pride in their workmanship, the ability of their own two hands to create a look and a finish of real beauty – a Sunseeker person, in fact.

Quality in all things and in all areas. At sunseeker only the best will do, a view shared by owners worldwide.

Quality is more than skin-deep in a Sunseeker motoryacht. True, its finish both inside and out exude quality in abundance for all to see and admire. Only the best furnishings, appliances, audio and visual equipment and other creature comforts are fitted, but the same applies to the essential equipment such as the radar and chartplotter. Rest assured that the same quality standards apply to all the usually unseen areas and components of a Sunseeker, from bilge pump to fuse box. In the larger yachts this fact is amply demonstrated by their ability to satisfy stringent MCS and RINA classification criteria.

More widely, it is demonstrated by the fact that until comparatively recent years, when new markets have opened in Eastern Europe, India and the Far East, the majority of orders for new Sunseekers came from existing Sunseeker owners.

But as always with performance craft, quality of life and quality of engineering go hand in hand. Ride quality has long been a criterion for assessing the quality of a motorcar, but boat owners and guests expect the same ride quality as well. No easy task when a 70-tonne motoryacht is moving at over 40 knots, and only made possible by quality of design.

And after all, only a quality product can become an icon, for only a quality product can stand the test of time.

To deliver both high performance and high-end luxury in the same craft has everything to do with the materials chosen.

Externally, the quality of materials that provide the sumptuous Sunseeker finishing touches are there for all to see – rich American walnut furnishings, highly polished teak decks, embossed headlinings, high gloss lacquer bulkheads and plush fabrics and carpeting. What is less easy to see is the choice and application of materials that allow high performance and high-end luxury to come together in the same vessel.

Optimum power-to-weight ratio is achieved by ingenious design and manufacturing. Over the years Sunseeker and engine manufacturers have worked together to increase power and efficiency from ever more lightweight motors, but their progress will be hampered unless the fittings and fixtures are not similarly optimised. By way of example, light-filtering polarised safety glass is one third of the weight that it was five years ago; beautiful marble and granite surface finishes are decorative and durable, but what looks like a two-inch thick slab can in fact be a milled slip backed by a honeycomb of durable composite material.

The extensive use of carbon fibre has also made a great contribution. The rigidity of a carbon fibre sandwich composite floor that is only 30mm thick can produce a surface area of ten by five metres without any deflection at all. A vacuum-extruded resin bulkhead can be lifted and fitted by a team of four, where its predecessor would have needed twice that number.

The constant research into and testing of new materials has become standard procedure at Sunseeker, keeping them and their boats at the forefront of marine design and technology.

Sunseeker International Motor Yacht range

Sunseeker International has a motor yacht range spanning super yachts, yachts, flybridge motor yachts, performance motor yachts and sports cruisers. Headed by the flagship 37 Metre Yacht, each model in the Sunseeker range epitomises the characteristics and attributes that are so prized by their owners: imposing presence, stunning styling, generous space and legendary performance.

Throughout the years the Sunseeker range has won numerous awards - most recently in 2008 the Manhattan 60 won the UK Motorboat of the Year Award.

Looking to buy a Sunseeker Yacht?

The Sunseeker Yacht range offers classic styling, luxurious comfort, spaciousness, performance and handling. The yachts vary from 26 to 46 metres and offer the ultimate in refinement and luxury becoming the benchmark in their class for others to follow. As ocean-going vessels they are confident offshore mile-eaters, with the flagship 46 Metre Yacht designed to be capable of meeting full MCA compliance and RINA classification standards when it premieres in 2012.

Looking to buy a Sunseeker Flybridge Motor yacht?

An evolution of the sunseeker open-deck sportsboat tradition, these versatile fast cruisers are at the heart of the modern fleet of powerboats.

The word flybridge suggests a motoryacht that can be driven – and therefore enjoyed – from high up in the open. These are wind-in-the-hair machines when that’s your mood. When things get a bit cool or rugged you can step down into the air-conditioned interior and look out on the world through smoked glass. Sunseeker cannot claim to have invented the word or the flybridge concept, but we believe they have refined it, and the process is ongoing.

The Sunseeker Manhattan range of motor yachts is designed to exude fun and excitement and range from 52 to 84 feet.

Looking to buy a Sunseeker Performance Motor yacht?

Spearheaded by the iconic predator models, the sunseeker performance range combines luxury with breathtaking exhilaration.

With race-derived hulls and the very best in power-trains and propulsion systems, Sunseeker performance motoryachts are not for the faint-hearted. From the outrageous new Predator 130 to the 65 knot XS Sport, these are boats to be taken – and driven – seriously.

Sunseeker Performance motor yachts encompass the Predator high performance ranges with larger, lighter hull formations. Predators range in length from 17m to 38m whilst the smaller Superhawk and XS sport offer less accomodation but don't disappoint with speed and handling.

Looking to buy a Sunseeker Sports Cruiser?

As family day boats or for extended cruising, the Portofino offers the accommodation needed in a home from home afloat. Designed for the short haul, but built for the long run, overnights anchored off or alongside, Sunseeker’s versatile Sports Cruisers are more than weekenders or dayboats. A fortnight aboard the 53 would be no hardship; a week on the 47 would leave you more than refreshed. The Sports tag also gives a clue to the speed you can expect from their typical Sunseeker, race-derived deep-V hulls.

Ranging in length from 15 m to 17m the current portofino range provide remarkable maneuverability and performance thanks to the joystick controlled IPS system.

Whatever you want from a powerboat be it a comfortable cruiser or a super fast performer a Sunseeker is the ultimate in fine design and luxury production.

Other Sunseeker Information