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 Aerodyne Yachts Ltd - High performance sailing redefined

Aerodyne Yachts was formed in 1997 in South Africa to bring advanced composite technologies developed for the aerospace and defence sectors by Aerodyne Technologies (AT) to boat building. Top designers Rodger Martin and Groupe Finot... Read more

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 Aerodyne Yachts Ltd - High performance sailing redefined

Aerodyne Yachts was formed in 1997 in South Africa to bring advanced composite technologies developed for the aerospace and defence sectors by Aerodyne Technologies (AT) to boat building. Top designers Rodger Martin and Groupe Finot were enlisted to design high performance hull forms to best utilize the high strength to weight ratios that the hi-tech construction techniques afforded. From this collaboration were born the AD35, AD38, AD43 and AD47.

These light and fast boats were built for the sailing enthusiast with an emphasis on performance. Interiors were kept simple but functional to keep weight down while providing a living space adequate for comfortable cruising. The combination provided exciting, easy to sailboats that have received considerable positive publicity in the press since their introduction. In fact, the Aerodyne 38 won the coveted Sailing World magazine’s “Boat of the Year” award for Best in Class in 2000 and the AD47 won the prestigious “Boat of the Year” award from Cruising World magazine for Best Full-Size Cruiser in 2003. The AD43 had been nominated for “Best Racer/Cruiser” the same year. Since their introduction, Aerodyne Yachts have become frequent participants in the racing scene in both the USA and internationally and covered many sea miles in cruising mode.

In 2005, AT sold all rights, molds and tooling to Aerodyne Yachts Ltd, a Finnish consortium established to take over the development and production of Aerodyne sailboats, in order to focus on their core activities in the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors. Aerodyne Yachts Ltd, now based in Finland’s aerospace technology sector near Jyväskylä in premises already manufacturing a range of hi-tech sport boats, comprises decades of combined experience in sailboat design and manufacture. Modern production facilities and an extensive partnership network including some of the best and most respected names in the sailboat business guarantees superlative build quality.
With the change of ownership comes an infusion of new ideas to bring the Aerodyne Yacht brand to a new level of quality, luxury and performance. A new “GT” version will join the “RS” version previously offered. This new series will be available in the various models featuring opulent lightweight interiors finished in sustainable hardwood veneers crafted by an award winning supplier to some of the greatest names in Finnish yachting. The “GT” will also sport teak decks on several of the models in addition to the carbon mast, boom and rudder supplied standard with all versions.

Aerodyne Yachts Ltd has added another vital component to the new generation of Aerodyne boats: passion for building the best and most luxurious performance sailing yachts to navigate the world’s oceans.

At Aerodyne Yachts they have an uncompromising approach to building sailboats. Only the best materials are chosen, only tested and proven construction technologies are applied, and only the most skilled and dedicated boat builders are involved in the building process. Aerodyne is not just another sailboat; it is the ultimate creation for discerning customers who apply the same attention to detail in their own lives.

Rodger Martin (AD38, AD43 & AD47)
Originally from South Africa where he became interested in boats at an early age, Rodger came to the USA in the mid-1970’s to hone his skills in yacht design at the Westlawn School of Yacht Design. Stints as Chief Designer at Robert E. Direcktor in Mamaroneck, NY and Pedrick Yacht Designs in Newport, RI have produced boats from 75 ft high-speed patrol boats for the U.S. Navy to the Maxi IOR boat, “Nirvana” and the 70 ft cruising yacht “Unfurled”. In 1984 he formed Rodger Martin Yacht Designs in Newport, Rhode Island. His first client, Mike Plant, went on to win the1986 BOC Single-handed Around the World Race aboard “Airco Distributor” firmly establishing Rodger as an innovative designer of winning offshore racing boats.

Groupe Finot (AD35)
Led by Jean-Marie Finot a scientist-turned-boat designer, Groupe Finot has been synonymous with the Open 50 and Open 60 Class designs that have won so many trans-oceanic races. For over 40 years, Finot has been designing race boats for winning skippers. In addition to the Open Class boats, Groupe Finot penned the one design Pogo mini-transat design as well as production racer/cruisers for performance-oriented builders. Like Aerodyne, Finot prefers open designs that are not boxed in to a narrow rule allowing his boats to achieve their optimum speed potential in the conditions for which they were designed.

Bullet proof hull - Oven cured, pre-impregnated Epoxy/E-glass/Carbon composite, vacuum bagged with aircraft grade end grain balsa and PVC foam cores for consistency and strength. Carbon fiber reinforced structural framing form a solid monocoque cocoon normally associated with one-off custom boats. Rugged full epoxy hull/deck joint. Watertight, double bottomed, bulkhead 6,5 ft (2m) from the bow for added safety.

Integral keel - Laid up with the hull and then filled with epoxy for great strength, precision contour and leak proof construction. A micro-shaped bulb is bonded and cross bolted to the tip of the keel for exceptional strength and improved righting moment.

Fingertip steering - High aspect carbon fiber rudder with massive carbon rudder post supported by JEFA roller bearings and controlled by direct acting Whitlock rack and pinion steering.

Robust rigging - Carbon mast and boom supported by discontinuous rod rigging brought out to the hull for strength. High performance sails and running rigging designed for short-handed offshore sailing. Swept back spreaders obviates the need for running backstays.

Continuous development - Aerodyne’s commitment to providing the best combination of performance and luxury ensures that our yachts will continue to exhibit the latest in advanced materials and construction techniques while providing ultimate liveability to the discriminating customer.

Finland is world famous for its luxury sailboats. This kind of reputation comes only with a long heritage of balancing beautiful yet functional design with that of building vessels to take on the demands of the rugged Finnish archipelago. Aerodyne yachts are a prime example of this renowned standard of excellence. You can observe this in the flawless joinery of the cabin interior and in the shimmering perfection of the hull surface.