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 Throughout the more than 90 years of existence, Astilleros Astondoa has kept its key secret – the family spirit of the business. A construction yard where hopes and dreams are built, all entirely custom – designed with the vessel’s owner in mind, so that just as there are no two... Read more

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Astondoa Information

 Throughout the more than 90 years of existence, Astilleros Astondoa has kept its key secret – the family spirit of the business. A construction yard where hopes and dreams are built, all entirely custom – designed with the vessel’s owner in mind, so that just as there are no two people alike, neither are there two Astondoas alike.

The growth seen by the company over recent decades has made Astondoa Spain’s biggest large yacht builder, and one of the biggest in Europe. A perfect track record of hard work and commitment to quality going back over 90 years, with over 3000 boats built and production figures currently reaching 100 units per year.

Astondoa offers one of the most extensive ranges on the market and builds boats ranging from 40 to 200 feet in length. A variety of models and services to satisfy all requirements.


Astondoa’s passion for creating and building yachts began in 1816, with the work of Jesus Astondoa Martinez. Three generations at the service of the recreational sailing sector and over 90 years of accumulated experience guarantee a commitment to technology, design and innovation – all elements which have been fundamental to the group’s current strength.

Gone are those legendary wooden yachts, making way for a new generation. Astondoa is represented by their modern, elegant 138 – megayacht. Christened the Samurai One, this is a craft of advanced engineering design built with a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. Manufactured at the Vigo boatyard, this undoubtedly represents Astondoa’s launch into the world of large yachts.

All of Astondoa’s boats, from the Open models to this gigantic model, are present at the most important and prestigious boat shows in the world. Barcelona, Genoa, Miami, Dubai, Moscow, Lisbon and Cannes are essential ports of call for discovering the new innovations brought by Astondoa to the international marine market every year.

Astondoa’s central headquarters are in Santa Pola, a prime location overlooking the sea and only 10 minutes from Alicante International Airport. Covering an area of over 30000 m2, it has facilities for the construction of yachts up to 122 feet in length.

It also boats an impressively sized paint shop which can accommodate crafts of up to 40 metres in length; a 150-ton Travelift for grounding and launching and a dry dock area. In addition to boat production facilities, Santa Pola is also the nerve centre of the Group’s administrative and management activities, as well as its design and engineering services.

The Astondoa Group has four major production centres strategically distributed throughout Spain, at Gallarta, La Union, Vigo and Almansa. At the Almansa site, Astondoa builds vessels of between 40 and 55 feet, including some of its most successful models. Assembly line production concepts have also been developed here, as well as some of the technological advances in production processes which have been implemented by the company.

Almansa is also the headquarters of the Classyc division, Europe’s biggest boat furniture factory. In a production facility od over 14000 m2. fittings for Astondoa yachts are refined down to the smallest detail. Astondoa owns facilities totalling 70000 m2, where highly specialised work is carried out by more than 500 people, who make up one of the company’s greatest assets: its human capital.

Innovation and Design
Astondoa has achieved the perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology, which has been the key to its success in the marine market.

At Astondoa, research and the application of new technologies in the marine sector have been pivotal in achieving the highest quality standards in each one of its models, earning it a number of approval certificates awarded by the European Union and prestigious international institutions such as Bureau Veritas and Germanische Lloyd.

Studies on the latest generations of materials or on soundproofing systems in machine rooms are just some of the lines pursued by the group. Astondoa is the pioneer in Spain of the implementation of an infusion construction technique, which allows the even and precise application of resin. This results in a stronger hull which weighs less than a conventionally produced hull, thereby offering a saving in fuel. This production process avoids the emission of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Attractive designs incorporating modern engineering are the essence of Astondoa’s yacht-building philosophy. An Astondoa is defined by its smooth lines, the attention paid to decorative styling and the optimum use of both interior and exterior space.

Astondoa’s engineers combine materials and textures to create an attractive and sporting design, using form to achieve a thrilling result through a fusion of elegance, comfort and intelligent performance. This process produces a captivating range; yachts which arouse a spirit of adventure without compromising on luxury and sophistication. This is the unmistakeable seal of the large internationally renowned motor yachts created by Astondoa.

But Astondoa goes even further in its efforts to satisfy everysingle boat owner. Each model becomes a unique creation thanks to the application of their exclusive Custom Line System. Through this study created by Astondoa, they offer their customers a personal touch in the various elements which make up the yacht. The result: a completely individual and personalised craft.

Concern for the environment has led the Astondoa Group to develop, in collaboration with the Miguel Hernandez de Elche University, Alicante, various studies on the environmental impact of marine manufacturing, in addition to environmental studies related to recreational boats and the sea.

This environmental commitment is reflected in our participation, together with the Rotary Association, in the ‘Clean Tabarca’ project, the aim of which is to clean the surface and the sea bottom surrounding the island of Tabarca, one of the protected ecosystems of the Spanish Mediterranean.