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Il Cantiere Nautico Cranchi® Srl was originally set up on the banks of Lake Como by its founder, Giovanni Cranchi. In his home village, San Giovanni di Bellagio, the enterprising Giovanni opened his first workshop around 1866, even though the true date of... Read more

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Cranchi informationHistory

Il Cantiere Nautico Cranchi® Srl was originally set up on the banks of Lake Como by its founder, Giovanni Cranchi. In his home village, San Giovanni di Bellagio, the enterprising Giovanni opened his first workshop around 1866, even though the true date of foundation of the company is 1870, the year when it was officially registered. Originally, the company made boats on commission for fishermen and for the transport of goods and passengers. At the end of the nineteenth century, Lake Como was the site of a large number of operations linked to the nautical world, at a time when there were neither motor vehicles nor roads. With the various types of traffic on the lake - merchant shipping, military operations and, later, tourist excursions - it was possible to see vessels of every imaginable kind on a waterway which was the scene of much more intense activities than those of the present time.

From the thirties to the sixties.
Giovanni Cranchi, the father of Aldo and grandson of the founder, Giovanni, bought a factory in Brienno which had earlier belonged to a dyeworks that went bankrupt, and went on to transform it into a boatyard, where he built his first vessels. He had a true passion for quality and a job well done, with cleverly designed lines, great care dedicated to the selection of the materials, meticulous operating techniques and impeccable finishings all contributing to make his boats truly special. The events linked to the war years forced Giovanni to leave Italy until 1952. When he returned, he resumed production together with his children, and most of the vessels produced by the Cantiere Giovanni CRANCHI up to the sixties were the work of his son, Aldo.

From the sixties to the seventies
In the sixties the Brienno boatyard began the series production of wooden models, including TAUNUS, FASTER, SBARAZZINO, the DINGHY 12 P and a number of sailing vessels. As time passed, and with the introduction of new materials, the structure of the lake began to be too limited for the projects Aldo Cranchi had in mind, which involved the transformation of the traditional craft production into a more modern, industrial reality. In these years, thanks to the efforts of Aldo, the concept of design as we know it today began to emerge. In 1970, exactly a century after the yard was opened, it had become essential to expand, to give a new impulse to production. As there was no room for further expansion on the lake, Aldo Cranchi identified the nearby Valtellina as the ideal place to base his new operations. Aldo Cranchi, who represents the 4th generation, set up the company in Piantedo in 1970 with Tullio Monzino, and from that time onwards the management structure has remained unchanged.

The stages in the growth of Cranchi

1866: Giovanni CRANCHI opens his first workshop in San Giovanni di Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como (Lombardy, North Italy).

1870: Is the year when the firm, still strictly a handcraft business, is registered.

1932: one of the founder's grandsons, also called Giovanni, purchases a building in Brienno (Como) and transforms it into a shipyard.

1952: Giovanni CRANCHI, with his children (who give new life to the business), devotes himself to the mass production of wooden boats.

1970: Aldo CRANCHI, representing the 4th generation, begins the production of fiberglass boats. The company is established in Piantedo (Sondrio), with Tullio Monzino. The management has remained unchanged since then.

1972: the Pilotina 4.85 (which will later become 5.80m) is created, and is immediately a success: in just under 6 years, more than 1,550 of them are produced.

1973: with the production of the model SCOUT, the company makes a foray into the world of sailing boats. In around 5 years, more than 500 will be produced.

1974: more than 1,000 boats produced, it is the era of the RALLY 20, a gritty open that makes a staggering contribution to the spread of the nautical passion.
Following close behind, Hobby 20, Derby 700, Clipper 760, Start 21 and Cruiser 32.
In the meantime, thanks to a continuous development process, the boatyard in Piantedo arrives at the end of the 1980s with a covered area of around 20,000sq.m.
The expansion continues uninterrupted: today the covered area is 33,000sq.m.

1997: the CRANCHI MARINE TEST CENTRE Italo Monzino is established in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) over a covered area of around 2,900sq.m. – Cranchi’s private sea for the water tests of the prototypes and the presentation of new models.

2000: San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) is again the birthplace of the new, futuristic factory, covering an area of roughly 22,900sq.m.

2003: the third plant is opened in Colico (Lecco), destined for the Pre-assembly of subgroups for assembly lines - an efficient and modern production pole.

2005: the project for the creation of Seventy Plant 4 gets under way. On an overall area of 100,000sq.m. (including around 25,000 covered) in Rogolo (Sondrio), the factory that will produce boats of more than 50 feet will be built. Innovative, highly technological, strongly industrialised, it will become a new milestone in the nautical field.

2006: the year of transformation: previously an s.r.l. (limited liability company), CRANCHI becomes an S.p.A. (joint-stock company). A new era is opening under the guidance of the 5th generation, represented by Alessandra, Paola, Elena and Guido Cranchi, together with Franco Monzino.

The poduction sites and the marine test centre
The CRANCHI structure is made up of 3 production poles - a fourth will shortly be set up - in Lombardy and Friuli Venezia Giulia.Distinct factories, all linked by the common technology that reigns supreme in each one.

Piantedo/Plant 1
The pilot factory is also the administrative and commercial HQ, as well as housing the Research Study Centre, the Purchasing Centre and the Spare Parts Centre. Roughly 33,000sq.m. of covered area, this factory is subject to continuous modernisation, aimed at making it ever more productive and efficient. Boats of between 10 and 16 metres in length are produced in Piantedo. More than 260 people are employed in this factory.

San Giorgio di Nogaro/Plant 2
This plant represents the new era of industrialisation in the nautical field. It occupies a covered area of around 20,000sq.m., on an overall area of over 100,000sq.m. This imposing plant in Friuli produces the CRANCHI models up to 10 metres long, as well as components in fiberglass up to a maximum length of 2.50m. The factory uses its production capacity efficiently and submits all questions regarding stock or the purchase of materials (and their management) to Piantedo Plant 1. This factory employs over 80 people.

Colico/Plant 3
Plant 3 covers an overall area of 6,000sq.m. and is a highly efficient centre given over to the production of groups and subgroups (stoves, sinks, etc.), dashboards, electrical and electronic systems which will be sent to the assembly lines and installed on the boats in the other factories. A good 32 robotised plants ensure high quality workmanship.

Seventy/Plant 4
Seventy, the fourth plant that will be opened shortly in Rogolo (Sondrio), is intended for the production of large scale boats (over 15 metres) and is already looking to the future. Technology, but that's not all: here, everything will be technically avant-garde, to produce prestigious boats in a model environment. Plant 4 occupies a covered area of 25,000sq.m., within an overall area of 100,000sq.m.

Cranchi Marine Test Centre “Italo Monzino”
The CRANCHI Marine Test Centre is in San Giorgio di Nogaro, on a covered area of 2,900sq.m., with a wet dock and square in front, for handling the boats. Here, the water tests are carried out, along with the presentation of new models to Cranchi’s sales network and clientele. The CRANCHI Marine Test Centre works 12 months a year.

The philosophy of Cranchi
Cranchi upholds four main philosophies: tradition of quality, design, production and the environment.

Tradition of Quality
Tradition of quality means placing great value on the content rather than the appearance. It means research and excellent skills which, fed by a great passion, help us to try to give our best, always. In practice, the attitude of looking ahead.

Behind the CRANCHI trademark there is one of the oldest and most solid Italian nautical companies, whose origins stretch right back to 1870. Such an important tradition bears witness to the constant and unending developmental research into models and construction techniques, sustained by a well-defined qualitative path aimed at reaching the highest levels.

The development - the natural outlet for the quality, innovation and reliability offered to our clientele - has characterised and continues to characterise the growth of CRANCHI, which is consolidating a significant and constant increase in turnover, year after year.
The perfect and almost maniacal organisation that reigns in all the CRANCHI plants reveals the extent of the entrepreneurial skills that lie behind this historical trademark, now led by the 5th generation, that has been able to evolve and grow to become a great company, counting solely on its own strengths.

There are two strict family rules in fact: reinvest the profits to create a future, increasing the quality of the work environments and the quality of the product, and a single figure in overall charge.

Encouraging progress is an essential condition for a company that wants to look to the future, and CRANCHI does its utmost to ensure that the change expresses its entrepreneurial philosophy. With the same, unchanged passion of always.

All CRANCHI projects start in Piantedo Plant 1, in the Research Study Centre. In what is the throbbing heart of the company, more than 30 people (technicians, designers, engineers and modellists) now work in 4 distinct but complementary departments: the Research Study Centre, the Style Centre, the Prototypes Department and the Laboratory.
The mission of the four departments is the same: the combination of high performance levels with design, ergonomics, form and function.

The recent and important renewal intervention has allowed the reorganisation of existing forces via the introduction of new professional figures. This operation has led to a drastic reduction in the times needed for the presentation and start-up of different projects, a growth in productivity and efficiency, and an increase of quality. 10 avant-garde design stations, the latest programmes (hardware and software, Autocad), three-dimensional printers and, what's more, all the most advanced techniques to create lines, solutions and details that will become the new trends.

Anticipating the new tastes and fashions is, anyway, one of the main aims of the Cranchi Research Study Centre and we cannot deny that, if this aim is regularly met, the merit must also go to the fantasy and creativity that are the gift of the Italian genius and tradition.

We love our work, and this is the reason why we apply maniacal attention to the search for perfection when producing our boats. Among the pioneers in the working of fiberglass, today our products express the highest values in terms of design, engineering, reliability and aesthetics.

For around 40 years we have been developing ideas, machines and processes capable of increasing the quality of our products and our way of producing. Various factors have determined the success of the CRANCHI trademark and, among these, we cannot ignore the strict selection of the raw materials, the innovative process technologies being used, the professionalism of our employees and, finally, the substantial and constant investments that have allowed us to completely industrialise the production cycle.
But the organisation is shrewd from the administrative viewpoint as well, because being able to manage one's finances well means having a high level of purchasing power, with the advantage of correct, competitive provisioning. An advantage that determines the great competitiveness of our products.

Today, in our plants, we produce on average one boat every 2 hours and 44 minutes.
A statistic that sums up well the company creed: productivity is the result of investment.

The environment

The principles of sustainable development and of the responsible management of the environment (don't pollute!) have characterised the work of CRANCHI for more than twenty years.
Company decisions must overcome the strict application of the principle that it is more correct, efficient and economic to prevent environmental problems rather than having to intervene later to resolve them.
CRANCHI has always paid great attention to the care of the environment, and not only with regard to its own work and the departments where that work is carried out, but also in relation to the conduct of its suppliers. For example, in relation to wooden components, the suppliers must certify their complete respect for the nature, with the reforestation plans as provided by local regulations.
Obviously, the qualitative attention also (and above all) addresses the issues of health and safety in the workplace, on account of the fundamental fact that the working of a sophisticated chemical product such as fiberglass implies (alongside the use of the most modern technologies and the most advanced automated systems), a significant human intervention.
The solutions adopted in our plants - often developed exclusively for us through collaboration with highly qualified companies - have led our boatyard to be considered one of reference for eco-compatibility and the safeguarding of workers' health..
Our production departments are equipped with cooling and air conditioning systems (the inside temperature is fixed at 21/22c, whatever the outside weather conditions), air suction and filtering systems that allow the total control of the quality of the air inside and, at the same time, prevent the uncontrolled emission of work residues into the surrounding environment.

Motor yachts
Cranchi Atlantique 50
Atlantique 50 is the largest model of the CRANCHI Flybridge
range and, via the restylings and technical improvements applied
over the years, it now offers the most cutting edge solutions on the
The space on board is extended thanks to our design skills: a good
3 separate bedrooms and two bathrooms, an elegant saloon and a
large galley. The furnishings are in esteemed wenge and oak and
represent the triumph of modern design and ergonomics.
What strikes you from the start is the wealth of the fittings which,
together with the high quality of the materials used, is the real consideration
of this luxurious model.
Thought-out on a large scale, to face even long-range cruises, Atlantique
50 is also equipped with a high capacity fridge-freezer and endless
storage space.
The fore sun deck has sun beds with reclining backrests.
The new, powerful, Volvo Penta 2 x D11 EVC (2 x 670 HP) engine,
alongside the proven Volvo Penta 2 x D9 EVC (2x575 HP), represents
new frontiers in terms of performance.
The Flybridge area offers all the attractions for those who love the
outdoor life and is equipped with a large semicircular sun deck; the
pilot area consists of a practical 2-place steering seat and a comfortable
sofa to the side.
There is a wet bar complete with fridge, sink and barbecue.
The antenna supports are exclusive and highly refined.
Everything on board is about a completely new concept of travelling
in style.

Cranchi Atlantique 43
The hull of Atlantique 43 has been specially designed and developed to enhance the great
qualities offered by the revolutionary IPS (Inboard Performance System) of Volvo Penta.
The technological innovations that deserve to be adopted can no longer wait, so we wanted
the new IPS transmission to be combined with a project of the same level.
With its unique propellers facing the bow, the IPS ensures quicker acceleration and a perfect
cruising speed, with net fuel savings. In addition, thanks to the joystick-operated command,
manoeuvrability and course-holding standards are excellent.
But the merits of Atlantique 43 don't stop here.
Curved lines, rich in character, conceal an extraordinary internal roominess, where the
two luxurious cabins and the two bathrooms can be fully appreciated.
The master cabin, in the bow, contains a sumptuous walk-in closet.
The refined furnishings, the richness of the fittings (including a dishwasher and washing
machine), the amazing spaciousness that has been created on board, the accurate finishes
and the high quality of the materials used - these factors all make your navigation
an unforgettable experience, every time.
Without presumption, ours is now the most beautiful 43 Flybridge on the market.

Cranchi Atlantique 40
For its great navigability qualities, the accuracy of the finishes, and its absolute reliability, Atlantique 40 is still one of the best-selling
Flybridges of its category.
There has been considerable research on optimising comfort with the result that all the elements meet the strictest standards of ergonomics.
Comfort is, in fact, ergonomics; it's the correct positioning of accessories (tables, seats, beds, doors, passages, tools, etc.) so they are quickly to hand, perfectly adapted to passengers' psycho-physical needs.
But “comfort”, for us, also means generosity during the project phase: and you can see this in the amount of space there is both in the cabin and on the flybridge; and it's further appreciated in the two separate toilets.
Two enormous cabins, a seemingly boundless saloon in full grain leather, a richly fitted-out galley with a work surface in Corian. Large,
panoramic windows let the light flood into the rooms.
Atlantique 40 is the ideal Flybridge for those who want to share their passion for luxury navigation with their family and friends.
The over 340 specimens built so far, and sailing the seas of the entire World, confirm the solidity and success of this incomparable Flybridge.

Mediterranee 50
50 is the flagship of the “Master Yacht” class.
An extraordinary search for the most best quality materials, along with quality workmanship and attention to detail - these are the factors that give this model an exclusive quality superiority.
The internal furnishings are wood finished, the flooring is in teak, the settee in full grain leather.
The large on-board spaces, including 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms, give an immediate feeling of comfort, offering each passenger the possibility to satisfy his own individual needs.
The cockpit is exceptionally roomy, with four places opposite the gears, a large settee and an enormous cockpit sun bed, concealing the compartment for storing the tender and powerboat.
There is also a wet bar complete with ice-maker.
Exceptional seaholding, good autonomy and high performance levels, thanks to the powerful engines that set no limits to the joy of navigation.
The list of standard fittings is lengthy, but there's also the possibility
to install a stern propeller which, thanks to its joystick command (together with the bow propeller) eliminates any manoeuvring difficulties during the mooring phase.

Mediterranee 47
With its Master Yacht Mediterranee 47, Cranchi incorporates the innovation and quality that it has applied to its larger boats.
Today, Mediterranee 47 boasts a significant restyling where the goal was optimising accommodation.
The real surprise, therefore, is the discovery of how much useful space there is on board.
Note the new “U-shaped” sofa and the lateral chaise-longue. For greater visibility and manoeuvrability, the steering area has been positioned centrally.
The foreward sun deck is full of accessories and becomes almost a reserved area with its loudspeakers, sunshade, parasol, fridge and sun
beds with reclining backrests.
A large sun deck in the stern, with a hydraulically-operated garage for the tender.
Two large, separate owner and guest cabins, both with en suite bathroom. A perfect
blend of privacy and open space, the real secret for enjoying life afloat.
All the furnishings are in precious oak and wenge, the saloon settee is in real leather, and the galley work surface is in Corian.
Performance levels at the peak of its category, thanks to the powerful Volvo Penta 2 x D9 EVC (2x575HP) direct shaft engines.

Mediterranee 43
With her racy lines, sharp unmistakable profile and high impact design, it is hard to imagine a better looking boat than Mediterranee 43.
A Cranchi Master Yacht is created as the ultimate travel companion: welcoming, comfortable, totally reliable in all sea conditions.
Cranchi's quality programme allows us to regularly perfect our products, adding new aspects of technology and practicality to every component on board. This philosophy, which
we apply to all our models, allows us to offer our clientele ever more innovative and satisfying products.
Mediterranee 43 is the faithful interpreter of our payoff “when innovation exceeds imagination”, managing to offer a real concentration
of intelligent solutions.
Two huge cabins, two bathrooms, a practical and complete galley, a welcoming saloon with its luxurious full grain leather settee. In the large, ergonomic cockpit, there's room for a group of three seats opposite the helm area, a wet bar and a comfortable seating area..