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 Dehler is a well-established name in Germany and throughout the rest of the world. The name stands for safety, speed, absolute quality, high resale-value and especially innovation.

The Dehler factory, where all Dehler yachts are fully produced, is located in Meschede-Freienohl (Sauerland,... Read more

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Dehler Information

 Dehler is a well-established name in Germany and throughout the rest of the world. The name stands for safety, speed, absolute quality, high resale-value and especially innovation.

The Dehler factory, where all Dehler yachts are fully produced, is located in Meschede-Freienohl (Sauerland, Germany) and has been a builder of fast, secure sailing yachts for more than 40 years. The performance of their yachts is truly remarkable, as witnessed by numerous regatta victories all over the world.

Their vision revolves around "When Passion meets Reason". This means creating boats that are both exhilarating to sail but that are also safe and functional. They aim to be the leading manufacturer and marketer of luxurious regatta cruisers worldwide.

They truly believe that Dehler customers are the most important people, and hence everything they do aims to improve the experience for all these owners. They also value their workers and hold them as their most important asset. It is the skill, hard-work and determination of all their staff that makes a Dehler yacht what it is.

Prestige does not come about by chance.

Dehler has spent more than 40 years offering yachts of only the highest performance, thanks to its constant innovation and unparalleled production quality. This German brand has won many awards all over the world for its technical features aimed at every kind of sailor: those who enjoy sailing with the family and those who want to grapple with the challenges of speed.


Dehler has been a pioneering brand for forty years. Throughout this time, it has developed innovations that other builders have started to use.

However, Dehler has never been satisfied, the company has always wanted more, always researched more and always achieved more.

Although the innovation process never ceases, as shown by the Dehler 47 being declared "European Boat of The Year", some previous creations have earned their rightful place in the history of sailing.


From the deck to the luxury fittings, from the selection of the materials to the most revolutionary innovations, Dehler has always focussed on small details with a discipline and a passion for perfection reflecting their true sense of vocation. Its designs have always concentrated on speed, comfort and safety. Along with recognition for its racing pedigree, Dehler has provided thousands of sailors with boats that allow them to sail in absolute comfort and with the minimum of effort. .

The current range is mainly designed by Judel/Vrolijk, one of the best teams in the field of naval architecture, who have been repeatedly recognized for their achievements over the last 25 years.

The prestigious firm of Simonis/Voogd is currently working on the design of new models.


It all started with a suggestive name, Winnetou, the first model to emerge from the Willi Dehler shipyard. It was built in a former cinema and by the end of producton, 400 had been sold. After convincing his brother to join forces with him, Willi developed the company’s star boat, the Varianta, which included some of this German visionary’s first innovations: the drop keel and removable cabin.

Dehler was the first to understand the importance of GRP in shipbuilding and the brand has always placed an emphasis on quality materials. After the Varianta, many of which are still sailing today, came the Optima, Delanta, Sprinta and Dueta.

The brand is famous for consistent innovation, as proven by the Central Winch System and the self-tacking jib, amongst others. Over the years, Dehler has won prizes at the most prominent regattas, such as the Montreal Olympic Games. As a further example of Dehler’s legacy, the Sprinta Sport became the first IOR-One Design Class in Germany and since then prestigious prizes and successes have followed one after another.

Nine years passed from the time when the founder left the company until Wilan van den Berg, an energetic sailing enthusiast, took charge of the brand and its philosophy: finding the right balance between speed, safety and comfort, and always looking to the future.

Why Dehler?

For Security...

Laminating the hull and deck together is a labour-intensive and costly affair. However, if it is a matter of ensuring quality and safety, Dehler will always make that extra effort. This system creates a yacht with a unique monocoque construction that is both very rigid and leak-proof. Dehler's outstanding track record proves how right they are: the laminated connection ensures total strength and robustness.

For Speed...

Dehler use a hand-lay up balsa-sandwich construction method, creating hulls that are always exceptionally rigid, yet also light enough to make them competitive. Combine this with their modern narrow-beam designs and carefully crafted underwater profiles and you have a boat that will win you races.

For Innovation...

As part of Dehlers constant urge to improve, their R&D department has developed pioneering innovations in sailing, such as the Central Winch System, single-line reefing and the Maindrop System. More recent examples can be found on the Dehler 47, like the hydraulic fold-out anchor offering a clear bow area, and the remotely operated bathing platform.

For a High Resale Value...

Thanks to their extraordinary quality and strength, Dehler’s yachts have a high resale value. Enjoying the sea in a Dehler is an investment in lasting, secure value.

Make the comparison, and you will see for yourself.

The Dehler Yacht Range

The core values of Dehler are Safety, Speed, Innovation and High Resale value are the central theme in the development of all Dehler yachts. The latest project of Dehler definitely is in line with the core values of Dehler.

Since the cooperation with Simonis Voogd Design, Dehler introduced 3 innovative, comfortable and fast yachts. The Dehler 44 (Sept.´06), the Dehler 34 (Sept.´07) and the Dehler 60 (July ´08), which proved all very successful. In order to extend and add a new dimension to our fleet, we started working on a new project together with Simonis Voogd. Now Dehler is proud to introduce the Dehler 38R.

The current Dehler yacht range starts with the Dehler 29 and extends to the Dehler Yacht 60.

Popular Dehler Models

A perfectly proportioned yacht with a beautifully balanced range of attributes for the ultimate in sailing pleasure, whether cruising, racing or just lying snugly at anchor. A long waterline and modern bow ensure excellent cruising speeds and gentle motion whatever the weather. Simply plan your next destination and set sail!
As with all our boats, the materials used have been designed with the key aims of long-life and excellent quality. This can easily be seen throughout the boat.

The Dehler 29 is as magnificent below decks as it is above, the units are expertly crafted and give an air of exclusivity and space practically unheard of in other boats of this size.

Following the tremendous success of the Dehler 44, the first yacht under the ownership of Wilan van den Berg, designed by the innovative duo Simonis & Voogd and awarded European Yacht of the Year 2007, Dehler went on to introduce their latest development; the brand new Dehler 34.

The new Dehler 34 is a performer and comfortable, meeting the needs of both family and regatta orientated customers. The deck is smooth and clean, with standard flush hatches and a lot of space on the side and fore decks. The cockpit, with standard teak and the possibility to install a recessable cockpit table, is roomy and the open transom, with optional utility box, gives a racy and modern look to the Dehler 34. The spacey 2-cabin interior has beautiful teak furniture as standard, while the side windows and light strips will offer a lot of natural light down below.

A yacht that succeeds in combining all the advantages of fast sailing with exceptional comfort and safety, the Dehler 36 feels at home in any waters and will look after its owners in all conditions thanks to the exceptional build quality and top quality components.

An almost plumb bow, long waterline and spacious cockpit with a beautifully sculpted coachroof gives this boat modern, yet timeless lines and the wide traveller and aft-led lines mean this boat can be sailed to its full potential easily and without a full crew, as all controls are available from the cockpit.

Speed and quality is what the new Dehler 39 SQ stands for. Speed, because this yacht can hold its own in even the toughest of regattas; and quality because it is what has become expected of all Dehlers : A perfect blend of speed, security and comfort.
For the sporty sailor, the Dehler 39 SQ offers it all. A huge sail area, dynamic lines and responsive steering complete with a proven track-record in prestigious regattas. This boat will certainly provide that extra edge to get home first.

However, Dehler haven't forgotten that this boat is superb for fast cruising or regatta sailors balancing the need for speed with family sailing holidays. Therefore, the interior has not been stripped down like many other competition boats. Instead, beautifully crafted woodwork, ample stowage, a fully equipped heads and galley along with comfortable berths can be found.

The objective of the Dehler 44 is to become the leading regatta cruiser between 42ft and 46ft. The Dehler 44 aims to achieve this by offering the fastest passages, with the smartest exterior as well as interior design.

During the design study, there was a strong focus of Simonis & Voogd to achieve a fast and sleek hull with better control and ease of handling. A 21st century yacht to be ahead of the pack.

The Dehler 44 has as standard, the innovations as shown in the various images, and will be available in 2 layouts, with options of a u-shaped or longitudinal galley, with interior designs of elegance (stylish) and avant-garde (modern) in 3 different executions : Dehler 44, Dehler 44SQ and Dehler 44 Regatta.

 The exceptional sailing performance of the Dehler 47, along with the superb interior and layout of the Dehler 47 meant it beat off stiff competition from many other manufacturers to win the "European Yacht of the Year 2003" during the Düsseldorf boat show.
Also praised were the truly innovative details found on the Dehler 47; the tender can be stowed away in space created by the transom flap, which also doubles as an extended boarding platform.

The cabriolet system allows the sprayhood to be fully concealed when folded away and there is even an option to have the anchor retract into the bow-locker hydraulically, leaving a completely open bow area.

Below decks the Dehler 47 is in a class of her own. The high quality cherry wood interior, rounded style cupboards, well appointed galley and large luxurious saloon are naturally outstanding. There are even two luxuriously equipped heads, one with a separate enclosed shower area.

 With its 47SQ launched in 2006, Dehler has presented the new flagship of its high-tech yachts. Even faster through the water, this fascinating vessel features a standard of quality outstripping that of even the multi-award-winning Dehler 47.With major improvements in performance, comfort and safety, the innovative Dehler 47SQ is injecting new life into the sailing scene. This boat sets the standard for Dehler's new generation of yachts.

With a hull built of vinylester resin, the weight distribution has been optimised and the total weight reduced by an incredible 500kg. Consequently, the yacht offers both regatta sailors and sailing enthusiasts agility and even greater safety.

The Dehler 47SQ combines cutting-edge materials, hyper-modern navigation technology and innovative sailing gear to provide superior performance and comfort coupled with the supreme quality you can expect from Dehler.

 The Dehler 60 is the new Flagship of the Dehler range, building on the successful launch of the Dehler 44, of which more than 30 have already been sold. This yacht is Dehler's first foray into the expanding world of lerger yachts.
With the Dehler brand expanding the logical next step for is this Dehler 60.

Wilan van den Berg, CEO & President Dehler International:

“Many clients came after the successful introduction of the Dehler 47SQ and Dehler 44SQ and said that they liked Dehler’s quality, yachts and philosophy, but many also wanted us to build yachts larger than 47ft!”

Dehler and their partner, the Naval Architects Simonis Voogd, decided to take up the challenge and have worked hard to realize the new design. The most beautiful, sexiest, fastest, cleverest and biggest yacht ever produced by Dehler, the Dehler 60.

“This new yacht fits completely with the philosophy of Dehler “When Passion meets Reason”, and perfectly embodies Dehler’s values: Security, Speed, Innovation and High Resale Value.”