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 ETAP Yachting is a subsidiary of the ETAP group as a result of diversification into the leisure market.

In 1970 the preparations for the production of the ETAP 22 started. From the very beginning ETAP opted for technological innovation: unsinkability, sandwich construction, polyester... Read more

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ETAP Information

 ETAP Yachting is a subsidiary of the ETAP group as a result of diversification into the leisure market.

In 1970 the preparations for the production of the ETAP 22 started. From the very beginning ETAP opted for technological innovation: unsinkability, sandwich construction, polyester laminate, aluminium deck fittings, etc... Though this certainly increased the number of technical problems, these options proved to be of overriding importance for the later commercial success.

Thanks to the participation in a number of international boat shows, the interest in this type of yacht has grown considerably.

In 1977 the production of the ETAP 28 was started. The ETAP 20 followed in 1980. Greater housing space became imperative and in 1980 the buildings in the Steenovenstraat were put into use. In 1983 and 1986 these buildings were expanded to the present dimensions.

In 1990 ETAP Yachting became an independent public limited company.

ETAP Yachting decided to build motor yachts as well, with the same structural characteristics as the sailing yachts. In 2003 the first unsinkable ETAP motorboat is presented to the public.

Now, more than 1 ship leaves the ETAP shipyard every day and the same basic principles are still valid: safety, quality, innovation and recreation pleasure.


When ETAP Yachting began developing and producing sailing yachts in 1970, the principle aim was to build the safest sailing yachts in the world.

Besides selecting superb materials and paying close attention to ergonomics, they felt it imperative that ETAP yachts should be made unsinkable. The crews who entrusted themselves to their yachts had to be sure of a safe voyage, even if the boat took in water.

ETAP Yachting decided on a unique, technically refined construction method known as the ETAP ship-in-ship construction. In the ETAP ship-in-ship construction, the deck and hull are double-skinned. The hollow space between the two decks and two hulls is filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam. The closed cell structure is almost entirely non-absorbent and gives the boat sufficient buoyancy. Even if your ETAP yacht does spring a leak, it will remain stable and afloat, with enough freeboard for you and your crew. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can now inject most of the foam into zones that remain unused even in single-mould boats, minimising any loss of space. Some years ago our ETAP 30i beat competitors to be named the boat with the largest amount of storage space in its class!

How do they guarantee that your ETAP is truly unsinkable?

1. They use computer simulations during the design phase to calculate every last detail of your boat, leading to above-standard stability and buoyancy.
2. They have experts such as Veritas verify the boat's unsinkability, in accordance with the standards set by Marine Marchande, the official French inspection agency. For ETAP Yachting, Marine Marchande's official standards are the strictest in existence.
3. They perform practical tests to check that everything is functioning as planned. They regularly carry out our tests in the presence of boating press representatives to prove that their boats are unsinkable.
4. ETAP occasionally receive reports on an ETAP boat that has sustained heavy damage but remained afloat and manoeuvrable thanks to the ETAP ship-in-ship construction.

Over the years, ETAP have continued to refine the ship-in-ship principle, which now offers a host of advantages:
1. Thanks to the unsinkability guarantee, you know that your ETAP boat will stay afloat. You will never need to abandon ship; you can calmly tackle any technical problems and sail safely to the nearest port
2. The double-mould construction method also offers highly efficient thermal and acoustic insulation. ETAP boats are practically condensation-free, giving your crew and equipment a much more pleasant environment than on other boats
3. The double-skinned deck and hull mean a more rigid, dimensionally stable structure
4. The inner deck and inner hull allow us to give our yachts a unique quality of finish: no need to use water-proof materials or plastic in the decor; instead, the interior is made of sound structural polyester, a low-maintenance, durable and aesthetically pleasing material with long-lasting value.

Thanks to the confidence of so many thousands of customers who prefer ETAP's unique construction technology, 35 years after its founding the company can call itself the world leader in unsinkable yachts.


Over the years ETAP Yachting has invested in many innovative solutions to improve production, safety and the usability of its sailing yachts. Some examples are:

1. Resin Transfer Moulding
In a continuous effort to provide a healthy working environment and an exceptional quality, ETAP Yachting permanently takes new initiatives in the processing of polyester. Some time ago, the production switched to low-pressure spraying pistols with internal mixing and to the use of LSE-resins (Low Styrene Emission). Thus we achieved to lower the level of emitted styrene with 80% while achieving a better quality of laminate with a better hardening.

The rudders were already produced in the closed mould technique for a number of years. This technique allows making the rudders in one piece giving extra strength opposed to the classic technique where two halves are joined.

The positive experience with the closed mould technique in making smaller parts, led ETAP Yachting to developing this technique for bigger parts. RTM (Resin transfer Moulding) was started with the deck of the ETAP 21i and continued in the production of deck and hull of the ETAP 24i.

The advantages of RTM are convincing:

For the production:
1. The quality of the final part does not depend on the operator
2. Styrene-emission is reduced to practically zero
3. The volume of used materials is constant
4. Loss of material is minimal
5. The difficult and most straining part of the laminating process is eliminated
6. The production time is reduced which increases capacity
7. Reduction of labour cost

For the product:
1. Deck and hull are jointless and in one piece
2. Both surfaces are perfectly finished and with the desired structure
3. Deck and hull have a constant and low weight
4. The laminate is of perfect quality and without air-bladders

2. ETAP Vertical Steering System - A new steering system for sailing yachts.
The steering systems available on the market at the moment are the steering wheel on one hand, the tiller on the other hand. Depending on the local market the transition between the two systems is usually made between 30 and 35 feet.

As traditionally known, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so that the discussion between advocates and opponents is nearly as old as the systems themselves.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary ETAP Yachting accepted the challenge to develop a third type of steering system, which combines the advantages of both systems and avoids the disadvantages : EVS or ETAP Vertical Steering System.

The steering of the sailing yacht can be realized by means of an ergonomically profiled helm that moves in a athwartships vertical plane.

1. Security
-Good sight since one can take place behind the EVS system
-When travelling on motor the motor control can be done upright, thus without loss of sight.
-Simple construction by means of direct geared transmission : foolproof and visually controlable. - firm grip in case of heavy weather conditions
-When sailing backwards, the bigger power on the rudder can be better controlled
-An emergency tiller is provided, exactly like in case of a steering wheel
2. Ease of use
-Direct steering (1/1) by means of geared transmission, so that one can feel well the reactions of the boat.
-Position of the rudder is clear
-Steering goes in the same direction as the boat (like steering wheel)
-Tacking is simple, quicker and doesn't bother the rest of the crew in the cockpit
3. Ergonomy
-One can stand or sit behind the EVS helm and automatically looks in the sailing direction
-The practical usable part of the cockpit becomes bigger
-The motor control is mounted next to the seat, so that navigating on motor becames easier
-With windward sailing the helmsman - situated on luff-side - will make mainly pushing movements to keep the boat into the same direction. Seated on the cockpit benches, this is a more comfortable position than the traditional pulling at the tiller, which stresses the muscles of the back.
-The EVS system is combined together with a joystick and 2 seats in teak fixed on either side of the pushpit. In this way we can create an extremely comfortable position at broad reaching tacks.
-The stainless steel rudder shaft is mounted in a needle bearing at the bottom, which lowers the pressure on the EVS system considerably.

In order to test the advantages and solidity of the EVS system a series of trials have been carried out. Eventually ETAP succeeded in obtaining an aesthetically successful and technically correct design.

This design has been tested by a number of yachtsmen who communicated us their findings, and some alterations have been added to the design.

3. ETAP Tandem Keel
After thorough investigation and numerous tests, ETAP Yachting N.V. were pleased to introduce its ETAP tandem keel. The most important advantages of this keel are the excellent sailing qualities at a considerably reduced draft. This new design is the result of a co-operation with the architects' bureau Mortain-Mavrikios.

The two most important features to reduce drift, are the size of the lateral plan and its efficiency. The efficiency is defined by the proportion between the depth of the keel and the length. Also a wing section is a classic aid to improve the efficiency.

For a strong reduction of the draft neither a wing keel or a bulb keel were sufficient. The solution was found in placing two shorter keels behind one another, linked by a wing-bulb profile : the ETAP tandem keel.

The ETAP tandem keel gives a better aspect ratio, thus generating more lift.

In addition to increased stability, the wing-bulb also provides better hydrodynamic characteristics.

The result is a range of excellent reaching ETAP yachts!

4. Deck to hull joint
The ETAP yachts have a deck-to-hull joint of the “raised deck“ type.

The main characteristic of this is that the deck has an upright edge before merging into the flat side deck. This increases dimensional stability and provides more space inside the yacht.

In addition, ETAP Yachting builds this construction so that the deck fits into the hull. As the forces acting on a boat essentially pass from outside to inside, this creates a very safe and strong construction as the hull is pressed against the deck and not, as is usually the case, away from the edge of the deck. The result is an optimum triangular play of forces between standing rigging, the deck-stepped mast, deck and hull and thus less chance of water infiltration or bending. The hull-to-deck join is a triple process: first the deck is fastened mechanically to the hull, then laminated together and finally covered with a heavy-duty aluminium rubbing strip which is through-bolted.

A serious piece of technology which has proved its worth in the most severe conditions on the sailing yachts that ETAP Yachting has been building for over 35 years.

ETAP Sailing Yachts

We are pleased to introduce the entire current range of the unsinkable ETAP Yachts.

First of all, the new flagship, the ETAP 46DS. For the interior of this unique deck saloon yacht, the services of the world renowned designers Stile Bertone were called upon, who have created a uniquely stylish decor. The ETAP 46DS was chosen by a specialist European jury as “European Yacht of the Year” for its innovation, and in the United Kingdom it won IPC Media’s award for the category “Sailboat over 40 ft”.

The current fleet varies in length from 21 to 37 feet – further details can be found below.

Used ETAP Yachts

There are many earlier ETAP yachts that offer varied accommodation and length. Please see below for more details.

ETAP Power boat

At last, there is a motor yacht that combines exclusive luxury and complete safety !

The new ETAP 1100 AC is, like all ETAP yachts, absolutely unsinkable thanks to its unique double-skinned construction.

Popular ETAP Models

 ETAP’s newest flagship is a highly elegant “coupé” for speedy, comfortable sailing, even with a small crew... The ETAP 46DS is an exceptional sailing yacht. With a designer like Von Ahlen Yachtdesign (Hamburg, Germany), you know that you’re in for an exceptionally strong performance. ETAP Yachting’s unique ship-in-ship construction also guarantees an unsinkable boat with superb acoustic and thermal insulation and a perfect finish, unparalleled in a boat of this class…

The unalloyed sailing pleasure you derive from the ETAP 46DS will be enhanced by the highly elegant interior. Specific functions for blue water sailing and integrated navigation and multimedia equipment complete the picture.

 The ETAP 21i has a surprisingly long water line (6.10 metres) and a totally new hull designed by Mortain and Mavrikios in cooperation with ETAP. With a displacement of 1,180 kg (including a 300 kg keel), dual rudder controls and a full 24 m2 of sail area, the ETAP 21i has great appeal for competitive sailors. The ETAP 21i is a superb family sailing yacht too: its superbly designed internal layout offers sleeping accommodation for 4 people, a roomy main cabin, a functional corner galley and ample stowage space. The ETAP 21i is easy to tow and offers effortless launching straight from the trailer when fitted with the ETAP tandem keel.

 Right from its launch, the ETAP 24i was a trendsetter, with its safe, deep cockpit, the flowing lines of its cabin sofas, the recessed foredeck hatch and much more. In short, the perfect harmony of this yacht is sure to beguile you. But that’s only for starters: the new hull design, which can be combined with different keel options, carries a promise of excellent speed and safe handling characteristics. All sailing manoeuvres can be carried out from the shelter of the well-protected cockpit. Awaiting you below deck is a comfortable, practically condensation-free cabin with beautiful pear laminate, a well-equipped galley unit and a separate toilet compartment with wet stowage facilities. As an option, the ETAP 24i can be equipped with an inboard diesel engine with saildrive or with an outboard motor. The ETAP 24i is easily trailered and ideally suited to sailing cruises in inland and coastal waters.

 The ETAP 30CQ, the newest yacht in the S-class will surprise you with a unique combination of outstanding sailing performance and extraordinary comfort, both on deck and in the beautifully crafted interior designed by Stile Bertone (Turin, Italy). An easy to trim 7/8 fractional rig with a large sail area and a partially battened mainsail with integrated cover that can be reefed entirely from the cockpit, designed by Von Ahlen Yacht design, guarantees a high speed potential. Below deck, a stylish and exclusive interior awaits you, light and airy thanks to the panoramic window and a uniquely generous space.

 The new ETAP 32s is the ideal choice for many discerning sailing enthusiasts. Its tall 190 cm headroom at the companionway and the panoramic window combine to give this yacht a spacious, airy interior. A well-protected cockpit and the legendary ETAP unsinkability provide a reassuringly high degree of safety, while the choice of different sail areas and keel options enable you to tailor your ETAP 32s precisely to your personal sailing preferences. An ideal yacht for family cruising, the ETAP 32s is also perfect for a crew of two.

 This luxury cruiser unites safety and comfort with excellent sailing characteristics. The ETAP 37s features a 9/10 rigging with double spreaders, and a partially battened mainsail with integrated mainsail cover and furling genoa. All sailing controls are led to the very spacious, ergonomic cockpit. Below deck, the panoramic window ensures ample light for the exclusive interior, which boasts an innovative and extremely functional galley with a centrally-located double sink unit. Ample locker space is provided, and there is a roomy toilet compartment with wet stowage facilities. A choice of interiors is available: Imbuya or cherrywood.

With the ETAP 20, sailing need no longer be just a dream for you and your family. No matter where you live, the ETAP 20 will bring freedom within your reach. One moment she is securely fastened to her purpose-built road trailer. Twenty minutes later, she's afloat, rigged, and ready to take you away from everyday cares. The ETAP 20 is self-righting, but the ballast keel which keeps her upright is retractable. When it's raised, she can explore the shallowest creeks, or take the ground in comfort, or travel behind your car to distant cruising areas. The cabin of the ETAP 20 is warmly welcoming. Even with four adult size sleeping berths and a well-equipped galley, there's no shortage of room in the wide and spacious interior.

The ETAP 22 was built to the following criteria : unsinkability, safety and comfort. You will enjoy not only its sailing characteristics, but also the ease of living aboard. Easy to tow on a trailer, the ETAP 22, will take you to the cruising grounds of your dreams.

The ETAP 22i is one of the rare truly transportable yachts in its class. Easy to sail and easy to tow on a trailer, it offers the convenience of effortless launching without any need for special boat yard equipment or a crane. Fully equipped for up to four people, the sporting looks of the ETAP 22i disguise the high level of safety offered by this compact, lifting keel yacht. Easy to launch even in shallow creeks, this little number can go with you to the ends of the earth.

The ETAP 23 was designed with high quality in mind by Jac. de Ridder from the sturdy and sporty style to the fast hull and the well conceived and refined rigging. Temperament sets the pace. The spacious, well insulated cabin offers you the utmost sailing luxury in an authentic boating style. The cabin of the ETAP 23 set the standard in versatility : a navigator's corner with chart table, a practical galley and perfect sleeping comfort. In short, the ETAP 23 is a performance boat with a four-star image.

The ETAP 23iL is a very safe, fast seagoing yacht with a long waterline. It can sail superbly close to the wind and, in the hands of an experienced crew, it handles easily even in the roughest conditions. This yacht features a regatta deck which allows every manoeuvre - even reefing - to be carried out from the cockpit. Below deck there's a comfortable, luxuriously finished and almost condensation-free cabin with ample stowage space and a very convenient navigation area with a chart table and instruments' panel. The lifting keel allows the ETAP 23iL to be trailered easily to deep or shallow waters wherever you choose.

The ETAP 26 is a reliable sailing machine. From servo keel to ordinary cleat, everything is well thought out, well sampled and well tested. A racy deck covers a nice and warm saloon with polished brass and noble mahogany. Well insulated and almost condensation free through double skinned deck and hull.

The ETAP 26i has the comforts of a large ocean-going yacht in just 8.25 metres length overall: a fitted galley, toilet facilities with handy wet stowage, a convenient chart table and much more, making it an ideal yacht for leisurely family cruising. But the ETAP 26i is also a superb sporting sailboat for the solo sailor, with a self-tacking jib and all rigging and sailing controls led aft to the cock-pit. There's also a large, partially battened mainsail to ensure a high turn of speed, plus a Volvo diesel S-drive engine.

The ETAP 28i is a compact, enjoyable, high performance yacht featuring 7/8th rigging. Other major points include slatted catamaran-style mainsail, built-in mainsail cover and lazy jacks, ETAP reefers, panoramic view from the main cabin, rear cabin with double berth etc. A beautiful yacht designed by Harlé and Mortain - a double guarantee of excellence.

The performance of the ETAP 30 thanks to Jac De Ridder up-to-the-minute design and ETAP's high technology. The ETAP 30 is made for living. But she's also designed for the sea. Top quality teak joinery blends in comfortably with the brass fittings and matched fabrics. Every corner has been used for storage. The large galley can feed a large family. Six tall people can sleep easily on the full length berths. Sail away in the ETAP 30 - and make yourself at home.

The ETAP 30i is a fast ocean-going 30-footer with a host of technical innovations such as lazy jacks, a battened mainsail with integral reefers and self-tacking jib, all of which make it easy to handle even with a small crew. There was a choice of keels to match your sailing needs and ambitions precisely, plus the option of fitting your ETAP 30i with our unique EVS (ETAP Vertical Steering) System, which combines the precision of a hand tiller with the advantages of a wheel. Below deck lies comfortable accommodation for up to 6 people, including a fully closable front cabin.

Many yachtsmen and women dream of owning an ETAP 32i. This boat combines class, total unsinkability and comfort with superb sailing performance. The ETAP 32i Cruising brings this dream closer to reality, with it's stylish beech interior woodwork, superb fitted gallery, roomy toilet and shower compartment complete with wet stowage, and an attractive aft cabin. Up on deck, a partially battened mainsail eliminates the need for a mast rail. There is plenty of room to enjoy the spacious foredeck.

The new ETAP S class, remarkable for its combination of superb sailing performance and exceptional comfort, was introduced by the ETAP 34s Whether at sea or at anchor, its sporty 7/8th rigging with two sets of aerofoil spreaders, large sail area (fully reefable from the cockpit), partially battened mainsail with integral reefers and a choice of keels will give it strong appeal for competitive ocean-going sailors. The appeal continues below deck, where convenience and beauty combine in an attractive mahogany interior with good headroom and plentiful stowage facilities, a toilet and shower compartment with wet storage, and a spacious, fully-equipped galley.

This long, sleek ocean-going yacht, the ETAP 35i, sails superbly close to the wind, yet it is also a thoroughbred cruiser designed for extended cruising. Standard equipment includes sporty 7/8th rigging, battened mainsail with integral reefers and even a furling genoa. All rigging and sailing controls are led aft to the cockpit to ensure easy handling. Below deck, two separate cabins, each with double berths and plentiful stowage, a toilet and shower compartment with wet storage and a spacious galley offer exceptional comfort.

This luxury cruiser combines quality, safety and comfort with superb seagoing performance. The ETAP 38i accommodates up to seven people in great comfort. Finished in a choice of teak or limed oak, the interior is light, airy spacious and a perfect example of ergonomic design throughout. For comfort while you cruise, there's a luxurious galley, a roomy shower and toilet compartment, an aft cabin complete with double berth and a sun deck with bathing ladder. But comfort is only half the story : the ETAP 38i is fully rigged and fitted to satisfy the most discerning seagoing yachtsmen and women, right down to its nonslip deck pads.

The ETAP 39s offers a comprehensive standard inventory, a choice of 2 or 3 cabins, a choice of lead keels (giving a draught of 1.50 m or 1.97 m 4'11" or 6'6"), 7/8th rigging with two sets of aerofoil spreaders, partially battened mainsail with integral reefers, a furling genoa and much more. The deck and cockpit are finished in solid teak to emphasize the exclusive character of this luxurious yacht. Below deck, the ETAP 39s has a superb linear galley, a U-shaped sofa, toilet facilities complete with shower cabin, and a capacious forward captain's cabin.

 With its medium "V" planing hull the ETAP 1100 AC ensures effortless cruising pleasure on both inland waters and at sea.

Inside, enjoy the unique ETAP comfort : perfect insulation and finish, a panoramic saloon, cherry wood interior and en suite bathrooms for the fore and aft cabins.
The ETAP 1100 AC shares the characteristics of its sailboat cousins : safe, comfortable and innovative. As are all ETAPs, the 1100 AC has a double-skinned structure, thus making it unsinkable, is superbly finished and is extremely strong. Its modern hull design makes this motoryacht ideal not only for families and friends who want to enjoy safe watersporting out at sea, but also for cruising on large inland lakes, canals and rivers.

Naturally, the ETAP 1100 AC comes with the typical ETAP comfort to increase you cruising pleasure, including an attractive, panoramic saloon finished in cherrywood, a covenient galley, ample locker space, and the fore and aft cabins even have separate bathrooms ! The technically advanced materials used in the construction of ETAP 1100 AC also make it extremely easy to clean, and maintain its new appearance over many years of use.