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 Ferretti S.p.A. is the head company of a group among the world leaders in design, construction and sale of luxury motoryachts, with a unique portfolio of nine of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world: Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva, Itama, Bertram, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN... Read more

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Ferretti Information

 Ferretti S.p.A. is the head company of a group among the world leaders in design, construction and sale of luxury motoryachts, with a unique portfolio of nine of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world: Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva, Itama, Bertram, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line.

Ferretti also includes: Resin Sistem S.r.l. (specialized in the production of fiberglass products), Diesse Arredamenti S.p.A. (specialized in the production and sales of boat interiors components), Pinmar S.L. (specialised in mega-yacht painting and refitting), Ferretti Componenti S.r.l. (producer of moulds, plugs and fiberglass products for yachts) e Zago S.p.A (specialised in the production of wooden fixtures and furnishings for mega-yachts over 100 feet).

Ferretti, led by Chairman Norberto Ferretti and by CEO Vincenzo Cannatelli, employs a staff of over 3,000 all over the world, and has 25 production units, of which 22 in Italy, 2 in Spain and 1 in the United States. Employees share a continuous quest towards quality, technological excellence, top performance, an exclusive, innovative design, maximising comfort and taking painstaking care over detail. This common, daily commitment has taken Ferretti to the very heights of the nautical world.

Ferretti is also present in Asia, through a representative branch located in Shanghai, and on the American continent through its subsidiary Ferretti Group USA Inc.

Ferretti today, after forty years of success, is an example of an industrial pole developed by acquiring and integrating yacht builders with highly complementary characteristics.

Since 1968, the year in which, in a changing world, Norberto Ferretti launched his own challenge to the sea: forty years of continuous improvements, of commitment and passion, of increasingly more innovative, higher performing, technological, safer yachts. Forty years of challenges, success and farsightedness, represented by the refined elegance of Ferretti group yachts, element of union between man and the sea.

years of challenges and successes
“ was still very young when my father gave in to my protracted pleading and bought me the most important toy of my life: a small French-made boat, just 5.70 metres long. This was the start of an activity that began as a game and went on to become one of the finest stories of Italian manufacturing, culminated in the foundation of the Ferretti group. Probably one of the most important factors in this success story was an unbridled passion, something that is normally expressed in play and games.

“After forty years I am convinced that a boat is the most wonderful toy a man of success could ever wish for, but is also true that a great deal is expected from this toy, because it is an object loved more than any other.

“It is only by means of great enthusiasm, dedication and experience that it is possible to create fascinating, reliable toys such as our boats which bring the "double F" in every port of the world. Also my brother Alessandro, who died prematurely in 1995, shared the ideals that brought us success and allowed us to share the same enthusiasm together with all the hundreds of people still working in close contact with me.

“It is my great pleasure to be able to share this special moment with all those throughout the world who have contributed to and experienced our company’s success and to the people who see themselves reflected in Ferretti due to our unique way of loving and experiencing the sea." – Norberto Ferretti, Founder of Ferretti Yachts

1968 – 1978: The sea: A great passion
The story of the Ferretti shipyards begins in 1968 when Norberto Ferretti's passion for the sea intrigued his brother Alessandro. They began an adventure that would lead them to become one of the most prestigious shipyards on the world stage. As happens with all great enterprises, their journey began quietly. Starting by selling well-known boats such as Chris Craft, San Lorenzo and Italcraft, to the decision to begin a company of their own.

The boats they sold were beautiful, but they did not fully express that sailing philosophy of which Norberto is a fierce supporter "an experience to be lived completely and not endured".

1979 – 1989: A challenge: Cutting edge technology and comfort
In 1971 Ferretti manufactured its first 10-meter wooden “motor sailer” boat (i.e. a ship equipped both with motor and sail), but the wish of innovation and research, limited to the features of sailing boats, led Ferretti brothers to seek to fulfil their desire of improvement in a field that seemed to offer more space for design. At the beginning of the 1980s the Ferretti brothers decided to embark upon a new adventure: the world of motor yachts.

1990 – 2000: A predictable success: The world market
The 1990s were characterised by a series of commercial and financial activities designed to affirm the name of Ferretti on the seas all over the world.

2001 – present
Ferretti Yachts division was created in September 2002, a historic brand of the group, production and marketing fibreglass fly bridge boats from 47 to 88 feet.

The strategy of expansion and growth focuses on the evolution of the products and on technological innovation and design of new boats, from here come the introduction of the ARG system, developed with Mitsubishi, and the large open-view window of the ship owner's cabin in almost all models in the range.

Today, business is mainly international and covers Europe, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East. The constantly developing foreign markets are safeguarded by a widespread network which continues to expand and represents one of the strategic strengths of Ferretti Yachts.

Since 1st of September 2006 the team Ferretti Yachts has been dealing also with the management of the brand Custom Line.

In 2008 Ferretti Yachts celebrated 40 years of history. Forty years of challenges and successes characterised by passion for the sea

40 years of research of perfection

At Ferretti designing is going well beyond the concept of design, towards the pursuit and maintenance of a perfect balance, which compliments the luminosity with the quality of the materials, the aesthetic values with the practical.

Only in this way can the ship Owner enjoy the reliability and the utmost perfection of a vessel, the result of extraordinary synergies directed to always improving every detail like that between the AYT Division – Advanced Yacht Technology – and the Studio Zuccon International Project, which have together answered the need for greater natural internal luminosity with a large open view window onto the sea, the orbital windows and a new generation of portholes indispensable for living the sea with the maximum comfort.

Assured from the best performances, the Ferretti’s comfort is founded on the concept that is an integral part of every innovation, even down to the smallest and yet essential details: the security. Studies have confirmed that the vessel’s features under-water which allows us to make full use of its power, make it extremely secure, avoiding turbulence which can trigger vibrations, noise and damage to the propellers.

This is also reinforced from the adoption of the Computational Fluid Dynamics, the (CFD) system, the most powerful calculation system in order to evaluate the kinematics of the fluid particles under the hull; the impact model to evaluate structural stress in case of collision with a wave at maximum velocity and consequently the design of suitable reinforcements.

It’s attested form the European (CE 94/27) and International (NMMA) guarantee certificates, together with ISO 9001, which confirm the commitment of the AYT Division Ferretti and of the Ferretti Lab, the centre for the study of new materials, to maintain and improve the highest quality standards.

40 years of technological innovation

Quality and innovative technology are the foundations of a production that has always matched high performance with design, form with function. Within the Group, a specialized team around 90 people follow the creation of each vessel, from the project phase to the construction, assisted by the AYT Division - Advanced Yacht Technology - that deals with new concepts and fine-tuning extremely innovative solutions.

Here were born the ARG system (Anti Rolling Gyro), exclusive technology developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is indispensable in doing away the roll up to 50% and guarantees maximum comfort during the cruise; the "Smart Command" Easy Dock and Auto Troll of ZF, which assures maximum control of the vessel and the management of the integrated system of the Gi8 and NAVIOP enables total control of the yacht operations from a single screen.

Last but not least, the exclusive ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti, replaces the conventional hydraulic steerage system, allowing previously unheard of, safe manoeuvring and control at all speeds. In addition, the Ferretti fleet is also renowned for being the first to adopt the new revolutionary generation of Common-rail engines.

The ARG system (Anti Rolling Gyros)

The ARG system (Anti Rolling Gyros), produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), applies the operating principle of a control moment gyro (CMG), and is able to reduce boat rolling by more than 50%, for a more comfortable ride.

In essence, an ARG consists of a flywheel mounted on a gimbal and a motor putting in rotation the flywheel. Based on the same principle as that of a spinning gyroscope, the high-speed rotation of the flywheel produces force to counter the rolling motion of the vesse.

Although other devices that reduce rolling during cruising exist - fin stabilizers, for example - the ARG is the first system in the world capable of reducing rolling of a small boat even at anchor or when trolling. Finally, thanks to their extreme quietness, one can even activate ARG stabilizers at night without disturbing the shipowners and guests’ sleep.

ZF SteerCommand

ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti is the revolutionary steering and manoeuvring system, which redefines the concept of handling applied to a motor yacht. It was a joint project between ZF Marine and the Ferretti group as well as a close collaboration with the AYT division.

SteerCommand is an "intelligent" steering system which, with the aid of the very best electronic technology allows you to manoeuvre a yacht safely and easily.

The system can be interfaced with both the Joystick Manoeuvring System and the Easy Dock and Autotroll systems in order to make manoeuvring in restricted waters smoother and more accurate than ever before.