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 Sessa Marine story is one of a family that, generation after generation, carries a dream of excellence for its trademark and products.

Born in 1958, it started with the moulding of plastics but very quickly progressed to the first applications of glass re-inforced polyester resins (VTR). In 1972... Read more

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Sessa Information

 Sessa Marine story is one of a family that, generation after generation, carries a dream of excellence for its trademark and products.

Born in 1958, it started with the moulding of plastics but very quickly progressed to the first applications of glass re-inforced polyester resins (VTR). In 1972 Sessa Marine started the production of small boats in polyester resin. It is the first company in Italy to install Piaggio jet on pleasure boats. Thanks to the strong innovative idea of aiming only at small boats, but with intriguing design and bold colours, over the years Sessa Marine establish itself on the national and international market for its high quality products, its noted tendency to innovation and care to design.

1988 is the year of the acquisition of Fyberstamp, specialized in the production of big hulls for major shipyard players, and Sessa Marine declares its ambitions: to progressively enter the market of more prestigious boats. At this time the yard in Cividate al Piano, close to Lake Iseo, becomes the main production unit of the company. In the early nineties the third generation of the Radice's family enters the company. Sessa Marine starts the course that will take her, after nearly 50 years from its birth, to become a lead player in the field.

As a matter of fact, today Sessa Marine, with over one thousand boats produced each year, a constant and quickly growing turnover, is one of the most successful company in the European nautical panorama. We have recently terminated construction work at the shipyard in Cividate al Piano, with an area of 37,000 square metres, 16,000 of which are indoors. The production unit employs over 300 people and makes the company able to produce yacht of greater dimension from beginning to end of the production cycle.
In addition, in 2005 the company established its sales, marketing and financial offices in the new prestigious head office in Vimercate. Since October 2006 Sessa Marine is personally present in the USA, where the new branch in Dania Beach, Florida, represent the starting point for expanding into the northern and southern American markets.

The research and development department every year realises prototypes and boat models more and more reliable, powerful and elegant, based upon first choice of materials and components, a technology always up-to-date and care for details, aesthetics and design according to the requests of the most exclusive clientele.

A family company
Established by Camillo Braga, father of Raffaella Radice, and still now totally controlled by the Radice family, Sessa Marine has joined its own philosophy of running a typical family company with the dealing and care for management suitable to big companies. The family company philosophy is mirrored into the ethical management of Sessa Marine, in the care for future development and coaching of human resources. Generally speaking, with the enthusiasm with which employees and partners develop, produce and sell each day a unique product, distinguished for its quality, style and design. Solidity, innovation and continuity: these are the values which have permeated through three generations which have been leading the company, always looking at excellence and challenge coming from the most prestigious shipyards in the world.

Technology and Innovation
Technology is the soul of a product, of a company, of a project. Technological innovation makes us look ahead, creates competition with competitors, makes us run further.

Sessa Marine knows it and, in its constant endeavour to merge technology and beauty, does not forget that innovation creates art, that technologies enrich the lines, that precision leads to success. This is why Sessa Marine research, development, training for employees and creative intuition follow a single goal: sustain what has always been at the basis of the company's success.

Painting robot
The automation plant, one of the first to be used in the nautical field, warrants a perfect spreading of varnish on the moulds, in respect of precision and evenness. Furthermore, it can be spread in calibrated micron, avoiding any paint excess, reducing waste and improving the environmental impact of this process.

Concept design
To shape new ideas, Sessa Marine uses modeling and concept design software Alias Wavefront. This tool, world leader in the field, enables the new model to be presented in 3D, to carry out renderings and stylish representations and to create, model and modify shapes leaving the designer free with no limits to their creativity.

Virtual reality
Based upon one of the most innovative techniques related to making a project, Sessa Marine uses virtual reality to analyse the design and make the most of the space. Thanks to sophisticated equipment, which reproduces a stereo vision and by wearing special lenses, you get the impression of being inside the boat and be able to observe it from all angles, just as if you were on board.

Project by CAD
New boat project, development and modeling of all it’s parts are made with Unigrafix parametric work stations. Sessa Marine was the first company in Italy to use Unigrafix in the nautical field and aver ten years of research and development have adjusted many functions to make the best use of this tool. Project by CAD enables production and mathematical drawings which can be used for cutter mill of master model of boats, for working purposes and, finally, as the basis of the technical production and training documentation.

Best products
Sessa Marine uses only the best products for its boats. To ensure product quality, raw materials and new materials have to undergo strict checks befor they can be used in the production cycle.

The quality control lab
A well equipped lab enables the operators of the composite department to carry out tests, such as colour change and gelgoat ageing, gel time and stickiness.

Making of models by CAM cutter mill
Sessa Marine has long since been creating its own models from full cutter mill by CAM of big dimensions. This technology enables the creation of perfect, symmetrical models in a short time, in respect of the original project. Besides, this cutter technique leads to the simultaneous realization of hull and deck, lets us test the characteristics by CAD before production and speeds up materials time to market.

Crossed polyethylene tanks
Fuel tanks of Sessa Marine boats are cut with rotational-die in crossed polyethylene. This technology, originating from the auto-vehicle industry, creates safe, sound tanks immune to metal corrosion over the years.

CNC Pantograph
Sessa Marine furniture and furnishing are made using CNC pantograph which allow repetition of the components. Milling makes sophisticated work efficient on first quality materials such as marine multi-layers or teak.

Computerised fabric cutting
Sofa fabrics and internal furnishing are cut with numerical control thanks to the use of specific pantograph.

Shapes and furnishing perfect
This technology. Also used for canvas and cockpit covers cuttings, enables Sessa Marine to have shapes and furnishing always perfect, repeated over time with ad hoc spare parts.

Steel components computerised folding
Pulpits, handrails and rolbars in SS 316 A4 are cut and folded with numerical controlled machines which allow repetition even of the more complex geometrics. Steel components undergo special treatments such as galvanic baths to remove ferrous residues and stopping rust and oxidation in marine environments.

Dashboards and polyurethane injected components
Dashboards, air vents and aesthetic and functional components are made by RIM polyurethane injection. This technology, used by the auto-vehicle industry, enables the creation of engineered, light, sound even complex shapes. Once made, the components are painted with polyurethane paints and tested at high temperature in ovens before being used for mass production.

VTR components in RTM die
Small and middle range VTR components are made using RTM die technology. Originating from the automotive industry, this technology guarantees the possibility of repetition n finished items on both surfaces maintaining high quality constant thickness.
Windshields and windows thermal treatment
Sessa Marine uses for its main components the best quality stainless steel ANSI 316. Details made in steel also entail the removal of residues using anodic etching procedure. This modern equipment reduces on profiles pouring and oxidation, windshields and components, leaving details beautiful and sound over time.

Electronic wirings
Sessa Marine wiring are made with quick connection appliance similar to the motor-vehicle ones.

High quality
Cables and connectors are of high quality and in accordance to European – CE and American – US Coastguards normative.

Instrument Panels
Instrument panels are equipped with electronic battery-switches that allow activation and dis-activation directly from the cabin without having to manually access the engine room.

Test and control
Wiring quality is guaranteed again by computer testing of connections and power.

Style and Design

Sessa are convinced that style is a determining element to define the "way to live your boat", Sessa Marine has always dedicated great attention to design, a distinctive sign of each product and means of a precise philosophy. Such as care to details, formal straightness and cleanliness of the sketch, together with the value of the materials, have all become distinctive codes for Sessa Marine, parts of an identity card which consistently, for years, certifies quality boats as a symbol of ‘made in Italy’.

Elegant atmospheres
To reproduce smart locations which mark the lifestyles of their clients is the true starting point for all Sessa Marines projects.

A young yacht designer
For this reason the company relies on Christian Grande, a young yacht designer backed by a long and furnished professional life. His work can be distinguished for its manic care for details, high quality of the chosen materials and finishing.

Project philosophy
Sessa Marine has, rightly, completely married the project philosophy of his designer, tied by a symbiotic relationship many years.

Ideal Union
An Ideal union involves the customer and planner on all production, company image and communication aspects.

Total beauty
If the beauty of an exclusive boat is perceived by just one curve, one furnishing, one line and colour merging into each other, the same goes for the company which produces it, which similarly must be noted from such beauty.

Environmental Protection

Environment to Sessa Marine means talking about two subjects: impact during production, towards the environment and the workers, and product impact during its use.

Impact during production
In reference to the first item, Sessa Marine has, with very few Italian shipyards, obtained ISO 14.000 Certification, which guarantees that the entire production process is carried out in consideration of the environment.

Acknowledgement of years of careful sustainable development, this certification , far from a finish line, is for Sessa Marine the starting point towards a company more and more modern, faced with ethical principals which cannot be disregarded.

Impact during product use
In reference to products, Sessa Marine is ahead: it’s been eight years since its boats have been equipped with a discharge holding tank as standard, compulsory in our country for only one year.

Additionally, in conjunction with the endeavour of engine and propeller production companies towards lower pollution, Sessa Marine has installed more ecological engines with noise control and low emission.